NOTE: Chicago's DAD will not performing details for the 2020 detailing season.

Our Services

Chicago's Dedicated Auto Detailing recommends that a consultation be performed on any vehicle prior to obtaining a quote. This allows for a properly tailored quote and allows us to identify exactly what your car needs and does not need.

Please note that Chicago's DAD is a completely mobile detailing business and as such, we will require a physical location to detail at from the client. We also will require a hose hookup and electrical outlets, depending on the service(s) chosen.



This service is the essence of necessary maintenance. This service includes the following 20-stage pH neutral hand wash and protectant that will last 3+ months with proper maintenance:

  • Cleaning of the wheels
  • Scrub cleaning of the tires
  • Cleaning of wheel wells
  • Pre-Rinse
  • Paint decontamination with deionizer
  • Rinse
  • Pre-Treatment of bug marks, bird droppings and tar
  • Paint foaming with pH neutral vehicle shampoo
  • Focused Cleaning on emblems and vents with a soft boar's hair brush
  • Hand washing of each panel from top to bottom with separated wash and rinse buckets and premium sheepskin wash mitt
  • Hand washing of all door jambs with separate professional grade plush synthetic wool pad
  • Final rinse down completed with proper sheeting of extra water
  • Paint liberally sprayed down with detail spray to pre-lubricate the drying process and neutralize water to prevent water spots
  • Panels dried with plush waffle weave drying towel
  • Forced air drying of all crevices
  • Tires dressed with polymer coating that does not sling and protects fading and provides UV protection
  • Vinyl and trim dressed with polymer coating that protects fading and provides UV protection
  • All glass properly cleaned and prepared for ultimate viewing transparency
  • All panels protected with one coat of a carnauba wax to provide a nice gloss with 3+ month protection from the elements
  • Final wipe down of entire exterior for beautification

Total Time: 2-3 hours
Coupe: $99.99
Sedan: $119.99
SUV: $139.99
Large Truck: $149.99


This service will include the same 20-stage pH neutral hand wash as the Wash and Protectant. The only separating factor is the extreme removal of any contaminants on the paint by use of a hand selected clay bar, followed up by one coat of a polymer or hybrid sealant on all painted panels. The polymer or hybrid sealant will provide protection for 6+ months with proper maintenance.

What is a clay bar?

Detailing clay bars clean paint below the surface. Some contaminants grip, even penetrate the clear coat. Detailing clay safely removes these contaminants from the paint and leaves your vehicle feeling slick and smooth.

How often should I clay bar my vehicle?

A clay bar should be used about twice a year to help remove all contaminants that reach your paint, such as: industrial fallout, brake dust, bird dropping etchings, bug etchings, acid rain water spots, and other industrial pollution.

Total Time: 3-4 hours
Coupe: $129.99
Sedan: $149.99
SUV: $169.99
Large Truck: $179.99


This service involves the absolute beautification of your vehicle's engine. As the days go by and the washes are done to our vehicles, we often forget the engine bay. This allows dust, dirt, oil, and grime to build up and start to deteriorate the plastic parts and overall appearance of the engine bay. This service is essential in your preventative maintenance arsenal.

Chicago's DAD has two options when it comes to engine renewal. The two options are split below.

Traditional Engine Detail
  • Pre-rinse engine bay and under hood
  • Pre-soak with proper cleaning products
  • Agitation of cleaning products with proper brushes
  • Final rinse of engine bay and under hood
  • Engine dried with microfiber cloths
  • Forced air removal of water in crevices
  • All plastic treated with an aerosol based dressing to provide future protection and enhance appearance

Total Time: 30 minutes
All Engines: $29.99

Showroom Engine Detail
  • Pre-rinse engine bay and under hood
  • Pre-soak with proper cleaning products
  • Agitation of cleaning products with proper brushes
  • Final rinse of engine bay and under hood
  • Engine dried with microfiber cloths
  • Forced air removal of water in crevices
  • Focused cleaning on each individual component with special microfiber cloths and superior focus with the utilization of Q-Tips
  • All metal surfaces polished to return it to its original shine
  • All plastic treated with a water based dressing to provide future protection

Total Time: 1-2 hours
All Engines: $129.99


This service is perfect for those who just want to rejuvenate the overall appearance of their vehicle but are not concerned with achieving higher yield results. A perfect example for gloss enhancement would be the future planned selling of a vehicle. This service brings the gloss back to the paint but does not remove deep scratches, heavy swirls, heavy oxidation, or any other paint defects.

The goal of this service is to restore the paint's gloss and really make it shine on the road. To bring back a little bit of depth and improve the overall appearance of the vehicle as well as your confidence and appreciation when driving the vehicle.

  • This service includes the 20-stage pH neutral vehicle wash outlined in the Wash and Protectant as well as the clay barring process outlined in the Wash, Clay, and Protectant service.
  • Your vehicle will experience a single stage polish treatment done by a specialized buffer.
  • Afterwards, all polish residue will be properly removed with a specialized product.
  • The paint will be covered in a glaze that will fill in minor defects and mask any imperfections.
  • It will be followed up by one coat of a polymer or hybrid sealant on all painted panels. The polymer or hybrid sealant will provide protection for 6+ months with proper maintenance.

Total Time: 6-7 hours
Coupe: $449.99
Sedan: $524.99
SUV: $549.99
Large Truck: $599.99


This service is targeted towards the vehicle owners who want to stand out on the road. The vehicles that will attract all eye attention and demand jealousy. Your expectations will be far exceeded and the appreciation in your vehicle will restore itself even beyond the day your first drove it.

This service will remove swirls, paint defects, scratches, and marring. Please note that not all scratches can be removed by this process. A consultation is always recommended to set the proper expectations of what can and cannot be achieved by our detailing services.

This service requires the Wash, Clay, and Protectant service.

  • All sensitive trim will be taped off.
  • All paint will experience a multi-stage machine compound and polish to remove all swirls, scratches, and other mentioned paint defects.
  • Between each stage of compound and polish, your paint will be properly cleansed to remove any oils and product excess in preparation of the next stage.
  • The paint will be topped off with two coats of protection:
    • The first will be one coat of a polymer or hybrid sealant on all painted panels. The polymer or hybrid sealant will provide protection for 6+ months with proper maintenance.
    • The second will be a carnauba wax to help really bring out the shine and provide the ultimate jeweling look. The wax application will last for 3+ months with proper maintenance.
  • The two coats of protection can be replaced with a coating as seen in the A La Carte services section for an increased cost.

This service is charged at $100 an hour with a minimum 2 hour requirement.

Please note that the cost of the Wash, Clay, and Protectant service is added on to the hourly rate of this service.

A proper consultation of the vehicle will be necessary before identifying the amount of time a vehicle will need as well as the customer's valuation of those hours. We value providing this service to the customer's need and quality expectations and not the need of our business to generate revenue.



This service is yet another that should be in your preventative maintenance arsenal. It is a service tailored to those who do not need much but need the necessities out of a service. This service will clean the interior to the standards you know and love and add a layer of protection against the elements and UV rays on any vinyl and leather. This protectant is rated to last about 2 months. This service includes the following:

  • Interior floors are vacuumed
  • Interior floor mats are vacuumed
  • Trunk is vacuumed
  • All weather mats are rinsed and cleaned
  • Interior glass is cleaned with an ammonia-free (window tint safe) cleaner
  • Entire console and dashboard is wiped down for complete dust and contaminant removal
  • All leather and vinyl is wiped down with a vinyl and leather cleaner
  • Dashboard, console, and center armrest are treated with a protectant to provide UV and body oil protection

Total Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Coupe: $49.99
Sedan: $59.99
SUV: $69.99
Large Truck: $69.99


This service is because you read The Inevitabilities and you thought to yourself, "no, I need some more, I need to really stand out." Maybe it is because you love the smell of absolute difference. It could be because you have some stains that The Inevitabilities just will not cover. This service is the complete package that covers all of the bases and then some.

  • First step is everything covered in The Inevitabilities
  • All crevices and vents will be cleaned with a soft boar's hair brush ensuring to eradicate all dust particles and contaminants
  • Extensively clean the door jamb areas
  • All leather and vinyl is coated in a protectant that will protect for about 2 months against UV rays and body oils
  • All stains will be pretreated with a special cleaning formulation to remove the stains as best as possible
  • Finally, we will bring out the hot water extractor for a deep shampoo cleaning of all cloth seats and floor carpet

Total Time: 2-3 hours
Coupe: $99.99
Sedan: $109.99
SUV: $119.99
Large Truck: $119.99


You're reading this because you know that the previous services are not worthy of your vehicle. They may be good as a baseline, but you need to stand out, you need to be unique. Your vehicle is your showroom and you need to exceptionally impress all who enter and place their bodies inside of it. New car look and smell? HA! Even that doesn't compete with...The Definitive...

  • All services under The Inevitabilities and The Exception will be done, the "light work" as you know of it.
  • If seats need to be removed, they will be for exceptionally stellar cleaning.
  • All door jamb areas and any painted surfaces in the interior will be covered with an elegant carnauba wax to protect against the elements for 3+ months. WAX? IN THE CAR? You know it baby. Only the best for your ride.
  • Are your pedals made of metal? Time to polish them up and make them shine better than new.
  • All leather and vinyl will be upgraded to the creme de la creme of leather and vinyl treatment products. These products are so exceptional, they are applied by hand because the heat of a hand activates the special formulate chemicals to provide the ultimate in leather and vinyl protection.
  • All fabric carpets and fabric/leather seats will be treated by a specialized coating that will transform the material into a super hydrophobic surface; water and other liquids will bead up and roll off, leaving the surface unharmed and perfectly dry.
  • Finally, all air vents will be steam cleaned out so that they once again perform as new and any odors are eradicated.

Total Time: 4-6 hours
Coupe: $199.99
Sedan: $239.99
SUV: $259.99
Large Truck: $259.99


This service is provided for those vehicles that have an odor that you need eradicated. Something that is lingering and just is too persistent to go away. This process will help eradicate the smell and ensure it is gone to the best of Chicago's DAD abilities.

Please note that the cost of The Exceptional or The Definitive service is added on to the rate of this service.

Vehicle has an odor with no mold
  • Car will be bombed accordingly depending on level of smell.
  • If smell is extensive, seats will be extracted and extensively cleaned. The vehicle will be bombed without seats inside and then again once the seats reinserted.

Total Time: 10 hours
Price: $119.99

Vehicle has an odor with mold present*
  • Seats will be extracted regardless. All easy to remove pieces of the vehicle will be removed and extensively cleaned.
  • Car will experience a multi-stage de-moisturize process that will require one full night.
  • Your cabin air filter will be replaced by Chicago's DAD.

Total Time: Overnight. Vehicle will be needed by 5pm and will not be ready until noon the next day.
Price: Starting at $299.99 depending on contamination levels of mold.

* This service offers no absolute guarantee that the mold will be eradicated. Chicago's DAD will perform the service to the absolute best of their ability and with well-known processes and procedures that work 95% of the time. In those other cases, it is impossible to remove mold without a complete interior rebuild (replacement of carpeting, seats, etc.)


Sometimes we just slip or we might have a child that spills a drink. This service is provided as a standalone for those that keep their cars clean but need someone to take care of the individual stains that are out of their reach. This service can be added on to The Inevitabilities interior detailing service.

  • This service involves the pre-treatment of all stain and then proper hot water extractor with shampoo cleaning agent to fully eradicate the stain to the best of our abilities and leave behind a nice aroma.

Price: Stain removal starts at $29.99 per stain. The price will vary depending on the size of the stain. Multiple small stains can fall under the one single price.

A La Carte


Paint coatings provide far greater protection than a conventional car wax or paint sealant. While a typical car wax or paint sealant wears off after a 4 to 8 months, a paint coating forms a much stronger, harder bond that can withstand the elements to a much greater degree.

Coatings are rated to last for 2+ years with proper maintenance. Paint coatings have the following benefit over a wax or sealant:

  • Easier washings
  • Glossier finish
  • Increased slickness
  • Measurable layer of protection
  • Resists road salt, alkaline cleaners, and other harsh chemicals
  • Helps protect against acid rain and the acidity from bird droppings and bug etchings
  • The coating's nano particles fill in tiny swirls and imperfections in the paint to make it perfectly smooth. Therefore, dirt and dirty water cannot settle into any crevices
  • Prevents mineral deposits from bonding to the vehicle's surface so water spots can be easily wiped off
  • More scratch resistant as the scratches are in the coating and not in the clear coat or the paint

There are several coatings that Chicago's DAD currently works with:

  • Optimum Gloss-Coat: Easy Maintenance
  • CarPro Cquartz: Supreme Durability
  • GTechniq C1 Crystal Lacquer: Extreme Gloss Retention

A consultation will be needed to choose the proper coating that fits you and your vehicle. Paint correction is a required service before purchasing a coating.

Price: Paint Coating pricing starts at $199.99


Your wheels need protecting against the elements just like your paint. Even more so as they are close to common contaminants that can eat away and damage the surface. One of the biggest contaminants is brake dust. Some others are dirt, road grime, oil and tar. Front wheels are especially susceptible to brake dust due to the front being the location of most braking.

A wheel coating is just like a paint coating in that it provides a tough shield against the environment. It allows for much more ease when cleaning as well, to the point that most contaminants will just rinse right off. This coating will last up to one year.

Wheels left on coating price (exterior surface of wheel will be coated):

Price: $29.99 per wheel up to 26" wheels
Price: $49.99 per wheel 26" and above

Wheels taken off coating price (entire wheel and wheel drum will be coated):

Price: $74.99 per wheel up to 26" wheels
Price: $99.99 per wheel 26" and above


This service is for those whose trim (plastic and rubber) is further gone than normal and they want to rejuvenate it back to what it once was. Your exterior trim is constantly exposed to the elements, but it often doesn't receive the same care you provide your exterior paint. We encourage you to make sure you do not neglect this area as it is very important to the end result.

When the trim is cleaned and protected it helps create a sharp contrast with your paint for a stunning appearance when you are done. Paying attention to these areas is what helps separate a good detail from an outstanding detail.

A special trim restorer product that has proven itself time and time again in testing will last for 6+ months.

Total Time: 1-2 hours
Coupe: $49.99
Sedan: $59.99
SUV: $79.99
Large Truck: $99.99


Headlights with a cloudy, aged, or hazy look are becoming progressively common, as the average age of all cars on the road continues to rise. On top of that, most vehicles created today use plastic lenses that are more prone to discoloration and damage from rocks, rather than the more-durable glass sealed headlights. More than a cosmetic issue, clouded lenses can pose a serious threat to safety, compromising night vision and reducing the effectiveness of your headlights by up to 80 percent.

  • We will utilize a refined process to bring back the clarity in your headlights. The difference is unimaginable.
  • A UV resistant coating that will last 2+ years to protect your headlights from future element damage.

Price: Headlight Restoration pricing for most vehicles is $119.99


Your windshield is one of the most important features of your car. Your entire driving experience is through it. Everybody loves an absolutely clear window that has little to no imperfections. Our windshield treatment products are far superior the common over-the-counter lines such as Rain-X.

Your windshield will be clay barred and then polished with a dual action machine prior to the application of the windshield treatment to ensure a clean and contaminate free surface.

Windshield treatments are similar to paint coatings in that they protect against the elements while adding the following additional benefits:

  • Rainwater will bead and fly off
  • Windshield wipers can be used minimally, even in heavy rain
  • Dramatically improved visibility both day and night
  • Easier to remove dirt, ice, and snow
  • Coating will protect for 5+ months

Price: All windshields for $79.99


The finale to any car detail is getting exhaust tips restored. You do not want to drive around in a mint condition vehicle with an exhaust tip covered in rust or black soot. Replacing the tips can be unnecessarily expensive. This service will bring back the life in your exhaust tips to the best of our abilities.

  • Any contaminants such as road tar and black soot will be removed.
  • A two-step restore process will bring back as much shine as the exhaust tip allows.

Price: Total price is $19.99 per exhaust tip. A dual outlet exhaust tip will count as one.